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An Image of William's Mod showing the main menu and map

William's Mod is a lite user-friendly sandbox game built on the Source Engine, featuring minigames and tools for creation

Download on Moddb (if above does not work)

Image of someone engaging in combat in Joompy

Joompy is a FPS/Platformer where you destroy the Danish empire. It was made on the Half-Life 2 Beta

Download on Moddb (if above does not work)

Image of someone outside near a building

My Morning is a horror game developed on the GoldSRC engine

No download link is available

Image of the game, a sunny field with cats to purchase from with a big piece of bread in the center

Cat Bread Factory is a hyper-palatable clicker game where you hire felines to manufacture bread.
You can hire a variety of felines, from lowly peasants to dictators.
This game was originally made in a day

Price: 1$ USD (~0.005 Monero XMR)

Purchase on (if above does not work)

Two tanks fighting

Flying shells is a topdown shooting game where you pick a tank that has unique stats
then battle an AI opponent, after each battle you can purchase from a variety of shells and train your crew

Download on (if above does not work)